Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hamptons style furniture for Matthew

Matthew rang me and asked if I could paint his old pine furniture to fit in with some new white furniture he has bought in the Hampton style. Of course I can :)

He wanted a satin bright white so I used Porters Paints satin water based enamel in their brightest white, Snow White. It’s such a great paint, yes you have to prep and prime but the finish is so hard and durable. Great for a modern finish.

The nooks and crannies of the wine rack took me ages. I spent hours cleaning them as they were really dusty and primed them first with Zinsser BIN and then I actually sprayed a few coats of white to get a good coverage and then hand painted the final coat. The rest of the piece I hand painted.

Because Matthew wanted a Hamptons look which is quite clean I recommended he take out the stained glass and replace it with clear glass. A cheap option that I think really makes the pieces look less country. See below for a comparison.

Matthew was so happy with the piece and appreciative of the process. I also painted a little side table for him in the same paint.

Here are some progress photos; I’m including these as I think the first coat can be so ugly and people when first painting furniture can be really discouraged. My advice is always to just keep on painting as each extra coat makes it look better:

I also replaced the handles as these cup handles suit the Hamptons style much better than the Asian style ones originally on the piece. 

So much white paint, so much effort but a very happy customer

Fiona xx

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  1. Nice transformation! A perfect example of what can be done with a lot of work and imagination. Beautiful job.


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