Monday, August 27, 2018

A french sofa and inspiration for reupholstering

Good morning! I am looking forward to a good week ahead. I have some gorgeous pieces to work on. This morning I wanted to share a gorgeous old French sofa. I actually sold this to Jemima of Saddler and Co in Dubbo. She has an upholsterer work for her so she was going to recover it.  It’s so beautiful as is but will look even nicer with new fabric. I wish my upholstery skills were better: actually I sway between wishing that and hating how hard upholstery is on your hands so maybe it’s better I don’t tackle these big projects :)

I thought I’d share some inspiration for recovering old French sofas. I’m really partial to the heavy bold stripes. Sorry about photo quality of these: all sources from Pinterest .

This sofa below is my favourite of all time. So beautiful 

What’s your favourite ?
Fiona xx


  1. I like the third one with monogrammed pillows on it.

  2. Hi Fiona, love all the sofas but my favourite is the second one, Grey with fine grey striped cushions. Lovely post, heart warming to see so many lovely things,
    Best regards

    1. Thanks so much Susan, so many gorgeous pieces aren’t there
      Fiona xx

  3. Dear girl,
    Yes to stripes of all persuasions. They really make an antique piece look smart and un-stodgy.
    I particularly like good old French Ticking and variations. No Chintz always has nice stripes and they're not too exxy.
    Surely you're not really considering doing your own major re-upholstering? Just what you need, more work!
    Love your work, babe.
    Roseanna D.


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