Thursday, August 30, 2018

Beautiful American cedar drawers

I was so thrilled to buy these drawers and have them in my studio. They were a joy to paint and I truly loved every minute of them. They are the sort of furniture I see on American blogs all the time and wish I could get my hands on. Well dreams do come true and I got my hands on these.

They were in fairly nice condition when I bought them and I even contemplated not painting them but the top was very marked and the timber was very dry. I have them a good sand and painted which was quite easy as the timber had zero shine on  them and the paint soaked right it. I did three coats of this lovely warm taupe grey chalk paint then clear waxed and a little black wax for extra patina.

The drawer interiors were pristine and the timber is beautiful so I decided to not paint the interior. I also left the handles as they are so lovely. 

These drawers were not perfect: a little bit of the right front leg was missing. I did have a think about how I could create a mould then create a piece to glue on this missing leg. I even watched a few YouTube videos but in the end I just decided to ignore it and just point it out to the buyer and say this is old and this is how it is.

They sold in 2 seconds flat with a few people interested so I assume you all agree with me and embrace the imperfections of age :)

And before:
I know sometimes you see these pieces painted very fancifully but I really love everything neutral and plain. I love “quiet elegance”. Personally I’m not elegant at all but I like my house and decor to be elegant. 

It’s like that joke: 

The house looks good :)
Ha ha

Fiona xx


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