Monday, August 20, 2018

An easy update for an old mirror

I thought I’d share how I updated an old metal mirror recently. It’s such a beautiful finish and very easy to replicate. I always find that mirrors are a great canvas to practice new techniques on. I hope this helps you with your painting.

Firstly choose an ornate mirror as the crevices and details is what makes this mirror texthnoque looks so good. My mirror was metal and the gold was quite faded. I used a black etch metal primer and quickly sprayed both sides of the mirror. This both primes and acts as a base for the paint.

I then used ASCP Florence and poured a small amount on a paper plate. With a dry brush I then stopped and lightly brushed some paint across the mirror frame.  You want your paint brush to be very dry for this technique so don’t overload your brush and dab off most of the paint. See how dry my brush is in the photo above is.

Once you are happy with how your frame looks you can let it dry then wax. 

If you want to get really creative you can do another colour over the top again to add even more depth.

Enjoy your painting
Fiona xx
Ps The mirror has already sold 

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