Saturday, August 18, 2018

A gorgeous cedar linen press

Good evening (Saturday night), Phil’s out at the Bledisloe Cup and the kids are asleep and I’m in bed watching the Italian Job on Netflix but I thought I’d just quickly pop in here and post about a lovely piece I finished and sold yesterday.

It’s so beautifully made with the sliding open fronted drawers. So practical and lovely. 

I gave this a really good sand as the varnish was a bit old and bubbled. I then wiped it down with wax and grease remover for a very good clean. Once it was all dry, I painted it with two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash. The colour is exactly the same as ASCP Graphite. I then gently distressed the edges and details and waxed it all with ASCP Clear wax.  The finish is really perfect. It took a while to perfect my dark finishes but it’s worth the effort and practice if you are struggling with them. 

I also polished up the original brass handle and key. It’s really pretty. 

This sold right away with loads of people wanting it.

I bought this from a couple who recently bought a lovely old house in Lane Cove. The old lady they bought the house from had this piece her whole lifetime and wanted it left with the house; unfortunately the couple didn’t want it and just had it in their garage and the husband was getting annoyed with it in his man-space. Lucky for me and lucky for my vintage loving customer.

Have a good weekend 
Fiona xx

PS the walnut Graphite sideboard I blogged about last sold today. 


  1. I love this! The contrast between the graphite and the walnut (is it walnut?) stain is stunning! Quick question, how did you polish up the hardware? Love it Fiona! laura

    1. Hi Laura, I used brasso and very fine steel wool for the hardware. This is cedar timber and original wood colour. Thanks for commenting, glad you liked it
      Fiona xx

  2. It is a great piece and you made it look so lovely!

  3. Hi Fiona......and wow, this must be one of my favourite pieces you’ve ever painted. Lucky, lucky person who bought it!

    I’d never of thought of that colour but it so works, and to me, it looks better unpainted inside and gives us a glimpse of its past.

    I love pieces that are practical, so that they get really used and enjoyed all over again.

    Many thanks for sharing in detail how you worked to create this stunning piece.

    Happy Sunday or maybe Monday in Oz.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks so much Maria, I love the charcoal colour with timber, it’s very rich and elegant looking.
      Thanks for commenting, always makes my day xx


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