Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A few little things to keep

I am usually happy to sell pieces; it’s enough that these beautiful things have just passed through my hands and I have had a chance to work on them. Only a very few things I like to keep. I recently painted a pair of little French side tables and listed them and they didn’t sell immediately and then a lady wanted to buy just one. I had placed one of the side tables on a little wall near our downstairs bathroom to photograph it and loved it there so decided to keep the remaining one.

The other day as I was returning home from some meetings I realized I had to drive past one of my favorite vintage shops so I popped in and found a gorgeous blue and white willow pattern trinket box. It’s quite large and so gorgeous and was only $40 so I decided to splurge - good for styling projects is what I justify it as :)

I also have been keeping a few crystal, brass and marble pieces. It’s funny that when you notice something and fall in love with it, you keep finding them. I have kept one set of candlesticks and the lamp.

I had so many people wanting to buy them that I have keep my eyes peeled for more and been lucky enough to find a few more (all sold now)

And how lovely are these scales? 

And this beautiful crystal lamp below ended up going to the Gold Coast with the huge white sideboard I posted about yesterday.

What sort of pieces can you not pass up?
I’d love to hear
Fiona xx

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  1. I have a couple pieces that I have bought that I am glad I did! One is a lovely little wood inlay table and the other is a 3 panel wood divider which has carving in it. It is white as I painted it.


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