Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Enormous French sideboard in white

I have a series of meeting this morning for a consulting client so I thought I’d share a beautiful sideboard I painted a few months ago that was shipped to the Gold Coast to a lovely buyer Cathy.

I shared this sideboard before I painted it and offered it up for custom painted. Cathy contacted me and asked for it in white. A stunning choice for this piece. I used Porters Paint Chalk Emulsion and clear wax.

I must have forgotten to take more photos of the finished piece as they aren’t in my phone but I do have a before photo.

It is really big; bigger than it looks as it was high as well as long. I’ll have to ask Cathy for a photo of it in her house and share it with you.

I have another French sideboard coming up soon, not quite as big and with central drawers. I really love painting sideboards as they are such statement pieces.

Have a great day
Fiona xx

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