Friday, September 7, 2018

The prettiest bedsides for sale

Good morning! I’ve been burning the candle at both (feels like more than 2!!) ends this week. Phil’s away and I’ve had a lot of work on as well as few issues in the home front - nothing major , just inconvenient. I have had a few days of business consulting to do and then lots of furniture painting. One of those weeks where I’ve actually been super productive but felt all week I was slipping further behind. 

I did finish these stunning Old French Provincial bedside tables. These are large and heavy, solid timber and beautifully crafted. I have painted these in a gorgeous greige chalk paint, white in the details and through out the interior. Waxed finish with a gentle patina. I love the wire doors. These are really special.
50w x 42d x77h cm
Pickup Lilyfield or please ask for a delivery quote

Today I have to finish a set of dining chairs and some drawers. Both jobs almost there but not quite. 
Hoping to finish the week on a good note.

How your week has gone well also.
Fiona xx

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