Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Boutique Markets, Sydney

I had a great morning at The Boutique Markets. They are wonderful craft markets that travel around Australia's capital cities.  Today they were in Sydney, so I rounded up a couple of friends and we spent the morning browsing.  Kid free, coffee in hand and lots of home made goodies to look at.   

My sort of morning....

I was delighted to meet Ness from Marley & Lockyer. She is so creative and has a lovely range of vintage linen cushions and clay tags.  I picked up a few little clay tags that I'll use on presents (if I can part with them, or they may just end up on my pin board).  Head on over to Ness' blog for a look at her products and gorgeous house in Hobart.

and the little ones I bought -so lovely. 

I also ordered a lampshade for my son's rooms from the girls at Nite Owls. The have a seriously good range of reasonably priced cute lampshades and other stuff. The design and print their own range so you can customise your order. I have ordered a London skyline scene similar to the one below but without the word "London" and I want a white material with dark inky blue buildings.  


I have decided I'm getting rid of the Ikea desk in my boy's room. He never uses it as he'll draw and do his homework at the dining table and it ends up just being a dumping ground. ... and, seriously, I restore and paint vintage furniture - what am I even doing with an Ikea desk in my house anyway!  In it's place I'm going to do one of my Union Jack pieces.  I have sold 2 of these so I think I'll make one for keeps.  The London skyline lamp will sit on the Union Jack dresser. 

I also bought some very cute fridge magnets from Two Hoots.  Little babushkas.     Two Hoots is a mother and daughter team from Taree (coastal NSW) who both work full time and make gorgeous stuff in their spare time. Lots of beautiful babies stuff and really cute kids hats. I would have bought one of them but both my kids have really big heads and I always have trouble getting children's hats to fit them. 

I refrained from buying some divine stationery from Monoco but they have beautiful extremely good quality stationery, cards and other paper items. 

I also loved the display of handmade clutch bags and necklaces from the SillierThanSally team. What a great name also. 

Next to the Boutique markets was the normal Saturday and Wednesday Fox Studio's Farmers' markets. I had to take a photo of this mound of mozzarella. Scrumptious! 

and this purple Statice. One of my favourite flowers. 

So if you live in Australia and are looking for lovely handmade stuff go to the next Boutique Markets or if you can't wait or are overseas you can go to the website where you can link through to these stall holders online shops. Don't you love people's creativity!

Have a good weekend


  1. looks like a blast! i love your magnets!

  2. Looks like a great day, I wish I had known about it!

  3. Thank you for the lovely mention! It was such a pleasure to meet you there and I am glad you enjoyed your tags and the markets.
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

    1. Thanks Ness - was lovely to meet you briefly. Hope you had great success with selling your beautiful wares. all the best with your renovations. Did you get the sink?
      cheers Fiona

  4. Thanks Carole – i actually just went last week – thought i’d better get there before it finishes. It was wonderful wasn’t it!
    Thanks for stopping by – i’ll check out your blog also
    Cheers Fiona

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