Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Watercolour Wednesday - the last class

The class term at Art Est has come to an end and I've not re-enrolled next term. Not that I don't want to but it's expensive and pretty much takes up a school day and while I'm there I'm not working at my business consultancy or my furniture so I decided to take a break next term. I'll definitely head back some time as I loved the class and re-discovering watercolours.

Today we painted some pretty flowers and passionfruit. A lovely palette of purples and greens. I am really drawn to painting with the dusky purples so I had an enjoyable day.

The photo below was the painting above but before the teacher suggested I put some of the yellow in the shadow (Quin Gold). Just a small thing but it makes a big difference. The above painting is much better isn't it.

I just wanted to eat them! Shame the painting doesn't capture the smell to share with you.

We then painted some Japanese anemones and some purple Calla lilies. Here is what we were painting. (That poor lily on the left had obviously had a hard day!)

And I had to include one last one from Jan. I really love her work.  She was turning this into a card. So pretty!

So that's probably the last of the watercolours for a little while.  

Do you think I've improved over the eight weeks?  
I think my favourite was the galah.

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  1. Well done Fiona, your artwork looks very good, I especially like the lilies....really beautiful. xT

    1. thanks so much, T! The lilies were lovely to paint, such depth of colour.

  2. You are a star!!! What talent you have. I loved seeing them so thank you so much for sharing........

    1. thanks Martha, much appreciated. I've really enjoyed this series of classes and will definitely head back. The teacher said I could drop in and pay casually if i felt like a boost at some stage.
      hope you are well and still have some Bryon relaxation vibe with you!

  3. The paintings are lovely. Love your shading and use of colour

    1. thanks Carolyn, the teacher always stresses the use of tone to make the painting better. it's really helped my technique.
      cheers Fiona

  4. soooooo lovely!

    hope you'll visit soon--a great giveaway hapenning:




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