Monday, March 5, 2012

New Chandelier and Two Pineapple Lamps

I splurged today and ordered two pineapple lamps that I have been admiring for almost a year. I cannot wait for them to arrive.  I'm not sure if I'll put these in our hallway or bedroom but I got a great deal on them through a friend so went ahead and ordered two.
My friend also had a broken French 10 arm chandelier in her shop. Some of the lights had blown and she said if I could fix it, I could have it. I did offer to pay for it but she insisted I could have it for free.  She was thinking I'd need to call an electrician but with me and my husband both having electrical engineering degrees I'm sure we can fix it ourselves.  I have also been admiring this chandelier for ages. It's so beautiful. I'm hoping our ceiling in our dining room can support this beauty.  Else we'll just have to hurry up and  renovate our lounge room.

This one below is the one I was given and needs fixing.  It's sitting on the floor in our hallway at the moment.

Here's some photos on the internet that I found of it. Please excuse the photo quality. I had to actually photograph the computer screen and then save the photo.

It's going to be divine. 

Lucky day, hey!


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  1. Wow, for free....what a great friend! x

  2. I'm a very unattractive shade of envy green over that chandy! What a score! I've repaired many a chandelier arm so I know you'll make it work *winks* The pineapple lamps are great too. I have a palm chandelier in my dining room that would work perfectly with those... *winks* Vanna

    1. thanks Vanna - I'll post pictures once they arrive. feeling very blessed.

  3. Where do I go to pick up MY free chandelier? Hmmmm, I just may be a little jealous. It is beautiful - and I don't think it takes an electrical engineer to rewire a light! But I guess you'll be ready regardless.

    1. Oh I know it doesn't take an engineering degree to fix a light but I certainly can do it myself and those long boring afternoons learning about electrical wiring and circuit theory can't be detrimental to this task!
      so lucky aren't I. I have lots of friends asking where is theirs also!
      have a lovely weekend

  4. That chandelier is gorgeous!! Can't believe your friend gave it away.
    I'm your newest follower and hope you'll follow me back on GFC.
    Mary Alice

  5. Wow--what a great gift! That chandelier for free is wonderful. I am sure you will be able to fix it:)

  6. What a great chandlier! I'm also green with envy. :)

  7. I'm planning to buy one soon to go over my bed. You lucky girl!

  8. Love the pineapple art of lamps. That is so cool. Also the chandeliers are way too beautiful. I'm way to envy too.


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