Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surgery and Stalled Projects

Our little girl had her adenoids out this morning. Such a brave patient. I found it quite distressing as she was coming out of the anaesthetic initially, but she soon calmed down and fell back asleep. We're back home now and she's snuggled up in bed with her daddy, both fast asleep. 

Before the surgery - so brave

and after still in recovery and all drugged. 
She's normally such a happy thing that it was difficult to see her like this below.

Thank goodness that this was minor, routine surgery. I don't know how parents cope seeing their kids seriously ill.

One project I was hoping to finish was this French Provincial Louis chair below. I bought it from a guy who was planning on restoring 11 of them. This one he'd painted in a white oil paint and then streaked over grey oil paint. The result from a distance looked okay but up close was actually just a dirty mess. 

I sanded the chair back and painted it a French blue and then a limed white. The upholstery job was quite good so I decided to leave it but he hadn't put any trim on. As he never gave me any material when I bought the chair, I couldn't make any piping. Instead I used some white gimp braid I had at home. Unfortunately I didn't check my quantities and I only had enough for the base of the chair. When I went to Spotlight to buy another packet I found out that this one has been discontinued. 

So what I was hoping would be a quick project is now more complicated. I will probably just pull off what I have done and replace it all with a different sort of braid.  Very frustrating.

And here is a before shot of a cabinet I'll be painting tomorrow as I'll be home with my daughter as she recovers. I'm debating turquoise but will probably end up going white on this one. The handles definitely will get replaced!
....Any suggestions?

I'll be posting more often in the next few weeks. I've just finished quite a major piece of work for some business clients and I don't have much on that horizon which is fine by me; and will give me time and energy to focus on the furniture front!

Here's to a speedy recovery for my little one.

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  1. Hoping she feels 100% really soon. Its horrible watching your child come out of anaesthetic xx Sending you both love

    1. Thanks Ava, it was just terrible. She was cranky and kicking and then kept saying “is this really happening” because she thought it was a dream. She just wanted to go home and was crying. So hard to watch but then after about half an hour of fuss she fell back asleep for an hour and then was great. We could hear lots of other kids just scream and scream as they came out from being under so it must happen all the time.
      thanks for your wishes.
      cheers Fiona

  2. hope she recovers quickly! sawyer had his adenoids and tonsils out in november and seeing him go under was SO hard for me! and the recovery for us took some time- the first few days were a little rough and i hated seeing him like that- so mopy!

    1. thanks Cassie, i think the double whammy of tonsils and adenoids is tough. Jonty had his adenoids out also when he was 2 and was fine after a couple of days. at least they can eat easily. Sash seems good now. was wanting to jump on the trampoline!
      cheers Fiona

  3. Aww, hugs to you and your wee miss, I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you, glad it is over now! Go turquoise on the cupboard...have you seen the blue cupboard Sandy just did, so cute!

    I am itching to paint some stuff, I have the time, the energy, a new HVLP gun, a pile of stuff to paint...and it's bloody raining! Argh!

    xx Karen

    1. thanks Karen - she's much better today but extremely tired.
      I am still struggling with this cupboard. I've painted the inside bright white and thinking I'll just do the outside white with a fleur de lis on the door as it will sell much quicker i think.... but oh so bored with white today....
      hopefully the rain will clear up. I've never used a spray gun - bit hard when you paint in your lounge room! Christa from Stories of a House has a great e-book on using them. worth the money.
      cheers Fiona


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