Thursday, June 26, 2014

Annie Sloan Media Launch, Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan is in Sydney this week to launch her chalk paint in the media. I was honoured to attend an event yesterday at Elements in Leichhardt yesterday (so close to me also!) It was wonderful finally meeting Annie face to face after four years of corresponding with her on email, social media and skype. I have a lot of admiration for her understanding of and use of colour,  her entrepreneurship and her tenacity in developing her business. Of course, you know I love her paint and waxes.

It was good to hear her thoughts on mixing colour, the influence of her fine arts background on the development of her paint, and also to see her in action with her paint and paint rushes. She lets that paint fly! Sandy (Paint Me White) and I were laughing that Annie and I pretty much have the opposite approach to painting. I'm probably a little bit too neat and careful. LOL.

She is as lovely and animated in real life as I expected. Her passion for paint and colour are evident as she talks and she has a wealth of knowledge and a relaxed attitude to it all that I would love to tap into. I feel as though I could talk to her for hours.

It was wonderful catching up with my lovely friend, Sandy (PaintMeWhite) who is another painter and furniture business owner (and generally nice person) whom I admire. We had some great talks over lunch about blogging, painting, business and our families.

If you want to meet Annie Sloan yourself on Saturday afternoon she will be there doing a book signing. I will be taking my books there (and my kids) so come say hi if you see me.

cheers Fiona xx


  1. Sounds fantastic Fiona - I'm glad you had such a great time. I've always wanted to visit Sandy's shop... might have to do a trip to Queensland to check it out :)

  2. I've even forgotten how to comment here it's been so long!!!!!! Do hope you are going to introduce my lovely Katie to Annie Sloan style painting and her lovely chalk paint. Jules

    1. Hi Jules, I am looking forward to it. Will be lovely to meet Katie
      Love Fiona xx


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