Thursday, June 5, 2014

Graphite French Cabinet with Marble top

I could call this gorgeous cabinet a boomerang, but actually it never even left me in the first place. One of my lovely neighbours wanted to buy it for the bathroom she is building in their renovations but after checking with her builder, she realised it won't fit where she wanted it. So regretfully she passed it up. 
I was quite happy for it to sit by my bed for a while longer.

It's a gorgeous marble topped cabinet. The marble just lifts off so you could easily just use the cabinet without the marble if the tan stone isn't your thing. I was very tempered to paint the marble either to match the charcoal or paint it like carrara marble but in the end decided that someone would like it how it is.

The marble had dark marks all over it but when I got it home I realised that it was just grime and possibly some paint so I scrubbed it all off with Gumption. Love that stuff.  The doors have those funny French hinges that have a rod at the top of the door and then a lever at the base and the doors stayed ajar like in the photo below so I sorted that out with a little magnetic catch.

So much attention to detail on this little piece.

I painted the cabinet in a lovely charcoal and then gave it a couple of different topcoats for a beautiful even matte sheen. I love the carved mouldings in the front of this cabinet. The cabinet is part of lot of furniture I bought from an importer of antique furniture. I've had some lovely pieces from him and I hope to get more pieces soon. Actually wait till you see one of my new pieces. I've shared it on facebook so if you follow me there you will already know.

This cabinet is slim like a small bookshelf and would be perfect in a bathroom or hallway. A lovely customer, Louise who already owns one of my sideboards, dropped by this week and bought two pieces for her new house. She initially came to buy the white hall table but when she saw this charcoal cabinet she said she would just have to buy both.

So off it goes to someone else's house.
Round and round the furniture goes...

Fiona xx


  1. Replies
    1. thanks Cassie - i love the lines of this piece also.

  2. Absolutely love it. Also agree with you about gumption. Fantastic stuff!

  3. Oh I'm green with envy right now! I saw that piece lurking in a different photo and wondered if it was for sale. I absolutely adore it! So sad it's sold, but glad you made a sale. Lucky Louise!

    1. oh shame Mel, It's been for sale for a few weeks but I hadn't blogged about it. thanks!

  4. I love the dark base with the marble! I have a semainier with a marble top that has pinks, browns, taupes in it. I have struggled to figure out a good color for the base...Was thinking a French Linen wash would be lovely, but I really like the graphite/black that you've chosen. Hmmm....guess we'll just have to stay tuned! :)


    1. Thanks Robin
      That coloured marble can be hard to match with paint with it. I thought graphite would be best as the marble is a bit too tan to go with French linen.
      Looking forward to seeing what you do.
      Fiona x


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