Thursday, June 19, 2014

Painted furniture heading to Meshea Lifestyle

I thought you might like to see some pieces that I've taken over to Meshea Lifestyle in Leichhardt for sale. I love seeing how they style the pieces for sale and I'll post photos soon of them in the shop.

First up for sale is a fabulous chest of drawers with a lift top lid and removable tray. I adore this chest of drawers. The detailing is fabulous and I've painted it in ASCP Aubusson blue which is a muddy peacock blue.
The inside of the lid is beautiful also - lots of detail.

The colour was hard to capture in the sunlight - the below photo is a better indication of the true colour. A lovely peacock blue.

The before photo - the chest of drawers had been painted in a faux wood. so tan, so ugly.

My neighbour is currently renovating and had this Gaylard piece in her hallway. For the last few months they've been using their hallway as a makeshift kitchen and this piece as the bench so I stripped it right back and painted it in ASCP french linen. I distressed it lightly to show white underneath for a country look. This would make a great bench in a country style kitchen or work equally well as a hall console.

I've also taken to Meshea Lifestyle this sweet little french style secretaire desk. It has been painted in ASCP Paris grey with white highlights.

Love it!

I've got several more pieces coming up but it's been a busy week. I finally placed the medical secretary that I was recruiting and everyone is happy with the outcome so that job is off my plate. I'm also working on a couple of custom pieces and more for the shop. 

By the way, tonight I'm drawing the winners for the painting lesson with me. Have you entered yet?

Have a good week
Fiona x

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