Monday, June 30, 2014

Duck Egg Blue Coffee table

I have been working with a lovely couple recently to furnish their new house. It's been great business for me and easy for them, especially as they just live around the corner. One piece they bought is this gorgeous french style coffee table. I gave them first option to purchase it before sharing it on facebook and they immediately snapped it up and asked me to paint it ASCP Duck Egg. However this weekend they went sofa shopping and fell in love with a new sofa that doesn't suit the coffee table at all so now I'm offering it for sale. Please contact me if you are interested. It's now sold

The shape is just stunning and it's a nice low height.

My clients wanted it a little antiqued to bring out the pretty details so I achieved that in two ways - how I used the brush over all the details and also a little dark wax after I had painted and sealed the piece.

I love how it is in my lounge room!  But just how many coffee tables does one person need so I'm back to my other coffee table that I made from my BBQ table and hopefully someone else will snap up this beauty.

The table was lovely unpainted but the top had been scratched with pen - someone's kid had a great time on it I think! So I sanded it right back to bare timber and then painted it with ASCP Duck Egg for my clients.  The coffee table has been sealed with a beautiful Porter's sealer for extra durability and easy cleaning. 

From now on I will have a policy of no returns on custom painted pieces but this couple are lovely and I'd like to help them so I've said I'll resell it.

I'm off to paint their bedside tables now.
have a good day
Fiona x

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  1. I absolutely L.O.V.E. this coffee table! I would buy it if you could get it to Germany! You do such lovely work!

  2. Beautiful table! Well done! Love the shape of it, and those legs..... !!! :0) Great color choice!
    Have a great weekend!


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