Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lilyfield Life ASCP Paloma Oak Dressing Table

Today I'm taking my kids to the Blue Mountains to collect autumn leaves (hopefully some are still around!) and go for a bush walk.  It will be good to have a day off painting as I've been working a lot lately. Tomorrow I will be taking this dressing table to Meshea Lifestyle in Leichhardt tomorrow if no one snaps it up today. It's a gorgeous solid oak vintage dressing table probably from the 1940s. I love its clean lines. I have painted it in ASCP Paloma which is a beautiful muted mauve. I thought about doing a design on the front of this piece but in the end I just went plain to let those clean lines shine.

Here it is before: nice but generic and hard to sell.

Much prettier now, and also clean and fresh.

The drop handles are original and gorgeous. Dimensions are 105cm wide, 45cm deep and approx 150cm tall. Email me if you are interested. Perfect for a girl!

Have a good day
Fiona xx


  1. gorgeous! i love the hardware on this piece!

  2. Just discovered you via MMS Furniture Feature Friday! I plan on going back and reading EVERY ONE of your posts and tutorials for painting tips and marketing advice. You are so talented!

    And, love the drawers!


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