Friday, July 11, 2014

Repainting this...Duck Egg Blue Console

I'm not 100% happy about repainting this but sometimes you've just gotta do what you've just gotta do. I bought this beautiful console and it was badly marked raw timber. I had some customers who were looking for a console so I offered it to them first and they loved it and asked for it to be painted in Duck Egg. However when they got it home they changed their mind for the whole design of their living area and asked to return the console and coffee table as they have decided to opt for more modern furnishings in their main areas. They are lovely people and I am still helping them furnish their whole house so, of course, I agreed. I then offered the console for sale to another customer who also loved it but I knew the Duck Egg wouldn't suit her house so I am repainting it for her. I thought I'd show you it in Duck Egg before I repaint it this weekend.

I painted this in two coats of paint and then antiqued it with clear and dark wax, concentrating on the ornate features where dirt would naturally accumulate so the patina is authentic.

The photos were not taken in a spot with good lighting so aren't the best. This console is very big at 170cm wide and 84cm tall so it was hard to find a spot in my house to photograph it. I mainly wanted to share with you the effects of the dark wax on the ornate features in that it may help you with your dark waxing.

Once I finish repainting it I will share it again. To be honest I actually don't really mind repainting it as it's a gorgeous piece to paint and antique with dark wax. I'll just look on it as an opportunity to improve my skills!

Here it is before I painted it the first time.

I get a lot of questions about the homewares in my photographs so I'm sharing where I got things from below:
Cement Candlestick : Bed, Bath n Table (around $50)
White Candlestick: $2 at markets, was gold, I painted it white
Crown ornament: Balinese temple finial. I bought in Bali for around $12 and painted in Old White
Timber dog: $6 Glebe Antiques fair
Pot holding lavender was a purchase from Paint Me White $35
Fake lavender was from a $2 shop in Leichhardt
The painting is by Laura Matthews

If you want more information on waxing furniture, antiquing with dark wax or glaze then see these posts below:

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have a good weekend

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