Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pine coffee table makeover

After I brought this coffee table home (an eBay purchase) I questioned myself why I bought it. The orange pine was turning even me off. I knew that the shape would be fantastic in a muted taupe but I took a while to start painting it. In the end, I asked a friend to come and paint with me to get me going. Sometimes you just need company to get motivated and start a task. Now it's finished I realise once again that paint can transform pretty much anything.

The initial reason I bought this is because the size is good. It's nice and low and offers great practical storage with all the drawers. Also I knew that the detail on the edges would come up beautifully painted and antiqued.

It comes with a little matching lamp table which i think it great. Not too matchy matchy but cohesive in a lounge room with have a pair.

Here is the before photo. So very orange. There were some dints in the top that I removed with my new sander and polished the timber to a lovely smooth finish before painting with ASCP French Linen.

Here is the other side of the table. 
Drawers only on the front.

To seal this I used an acrylic sealer. I'm not a fan of wax on coffee tables as I think it's not durable enough or easy enough to keep clean. I have antiqued the edge detail to bring out the grooves.

Dimensions are 140cm by 75cm and 40cm tall with two dovetailed drawers on runners. then the matching side table is 60cm square and 50cm tall. it has one deep drawer. The pair are for sale $500 and pickup is Lilyfield.

The kids are both at play dates with friends today so I'm busy painting getting some projects underway. Hope you are all having a good day also.


  1. SOOOO much better! love the new color and i love those feet!

    1. Thanks Cassie –although any colour would have been an improvement on that orange pine!

  2. It is Perfect! Sometimes those chunky-monkey pieces can be just the counterpoint to light or delicate furnishings. I scored a ridiculous side table early on, all big spindles and spools and heavyset feet. I painted it in just plain graphite, too much a novice to do any glaze or dark wax. Et voila! It made a perfectly somber pedestal for my terracotta chinese lion, another over-the-top find that we affectionately call 'Gozure' after the Ghost-Buster movie.

    1. Chunky monkey is perfect!! Very chunky.
      Your graphite sidetable sounds fab xx

  3. Oh wow that is one seriously great makeover. I love it. I was so excited when you mentioned you painted with French Linen as I just bought that colour for the first time and am waiting to try it out. I will re-read your post and I think I'll copy your technique also. Hopefully I'll get the same result. Is it the photo or does it come out a little on the dove grey side rather than taupe?

    1. Hi Marie – it’s pretty much taupe – although saying that it depends what your idea of taupe is, doesn’t it. So many variations. I think it’s best to check with the exact colour card at your local stockist to make sure you like the colour
      Cheers Fiona


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