Saturday, July 26, 2014

A beautiful marble top cupboard

I've been busy with the black paint again as I felt this lovely little cupboard needed a black base to showcase the beautiful marble top.

The marble is so lovely. It's very old and there are some small marks and one tiny chip out of it at the back but it's still totally gorgeous.

The original varnish on the cupboard was heat damaged and bubbled so I sanded a lot of it back to smooth it out but I didn't remove all the damage as it's made a lovely interesting effect under the black paint and it's part of the cupboard's story. I don't want my furniture looking all super new.

 The cupboard is for sale at Meshea Lifestyle in Leichhardt. Corner of Short St and Norton St.

A special thanks also to Bec from my painting class on Thursday for the stunning flowers. They are making me very happy. She is one clever florist. Just beautiful. 

Fiona xx


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    1. thanks so much Jo, if i had a big bathroom I would keep this little cupboard. I also love it. hope you are doing well
      Fiona x


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