Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Table to Keep and Upcoming Pieces

People always ask me how do I sell so many of my pieces.  I am usually fine with selling them and there's only a few I want to keep (have to keep!). This little table is one that has wormed its way into my heart and I have decided to keep. One reason is the beautiful shape and another is I like the idea of sitting here and doing some reading or work.

I have to say "the idea" in reality I almost never sit down during the day. I usually just end up moving the table from this spot to photograph my painted furniture here. A girl can dream though and one day I'm going to sit down and read a magazine and sip a coffee here!

The table has heaps of imperfections, dings, gouges and a big old crack up the middle of it. I did fill the crack but it has split again and I have just come to accept that it's imperfectly perfect. It's very old and beautiful and if it's got a few wrinkles well that's just fine.

To paint this piece I layered several colours: taupes, white and grey and just dry brushed randomly. I probably could have kept going but I just got sick of having it unfinished and kind of liked how it was so I waxed it and decided to start using it. It's a good spot to hold my brushes. 

I love these wax brushes, they are pretty well worn but still work beautifully. I keep them tied after washing them to keep the bristles neat. 

I thought you might like to see a couple of pieces I'll be painting next week. I've found some wonderful pieces lately.  First up is this very pretty, old French dresser. I think it would make a great TV stand. It needs some work but I'm really happy to have this piece. I saw it last week but thought it was sold but apparently it wasn't and two friends called me this week to tell me it wasn't sold so I raced to snap it up.

I also have this huge sideboard to paint. When finished ,this will be in the front window of Meshea Lifestyle for sale. 

I am also picking up a nine drawer French dresser on Friday from a great guy I met last week who had a load of lovely bedroom furniture to sell. (Don't worry I'm not stepping out, I didn't meet him in his bedroom!!) I'm not sure if the feet are like the white one I painted below or the taupe one I painted second photo below. I will see when I go pick it up. Either way is good :). These drawers are always popular and lovely to paint. Fabulous storage in a pretty package.

In the meantime I have a painting class to teach, also a matching French tall boy and a pair of bedsides to finish painting white, a sideboard to paint pink as a custom order and a vanity dressing table to paint.  We are also submitting our house renovations plans to the certified today so I need to catch up with our builder to make sure it's all in budget! 

Best I get to it then
Have a great day
Fiona xx


  1. love your new table- the details are gorgeous! and i adore the pieces in your queue. we just don't have that kind of stuff here and i dig it!

  2. Fiona, Your table is lovely, I love the way you used the colors. Would you mind explaining your technique of layering tape? I have never heard of it before. Thanks, Leslie

  3. Visiting from FFF. The paint colors you used really bring out the beautiful details of the table. I can see why you chose to keep it.


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