Tuesday, July 29, 2014

French Style Bow Front Drawers

I love bow front drawers the best of all. They are a definite favourite along with Serpentine and other curvy fronted French style furniture.

The curved timber drawers really speak to me.  I think it's not only the beautiful lines that attracts me but the skill involved by the woodmaker in making the curved drawer front. There is just so much more involved than flat drawer fronts. Not that I have any idea about wood making but I can appreciate the skill involved. So as I paint I sit and admire the handiwork of the original maker...who is probably horrified that I'm painting his work but at least I'm keeping them in use and sending them off to someone else's house to be loved.

I painted these old solid timber drawers with a custom mix of paint. I am a big believer in waste not, want not. So when I had a few centimetres of paint left in my tin og Porters Paint Chalk Emulsion White I didn't want to waste it but I had no small projects at the time to use it on. Rather than let the paint go unuesd I decided to create a custom mix. I added in an almost equal amount of Colorbond Dune (try ASCP French Linen), a touch of ASCP Paloma and a little of ASCP Paris Grey. It made the loveliest muted stone colour. Three different brands of paint and four different colours but not wasting the end of a tin and cretaing a stunning elegant muted neutral.n I wish you could see it in person.

The top of these drawers was badly scratched so I completely sanded off the old finish on the top and sanded it to a very smooth finish. I love that you can see the timber grain through the paint but to touch it's as smooth as glass. Everyone who has seen these drawers have commented on the finish and ask how I achieve it - it's all in the preparation and sanding. I just don't like to cut corners.

I painted the handles as well as I love that look but I never over-paint the handles. I like seeing some of the metal through the paint. I think it adds a good level of interest.  I sealed the paint with ASCP Clear Wax.

I could easily have kept these. They are just the right amount of French style elegance that I love. However I don't need them so I have taken these drawers to Meshea Lifestyle in Leichhardt where they are for sale. They aren't styled here below. It's just from when I dropped them off but I thought it will give you a peek at all the beautiful things Larissa has for sale there.

Have a great day
Fiona xx


  1. just gorgeous- love the shape and those legs!

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