Monday, July 21, 2014

What I've been working on

I thought you might like to see some of the projects I've been working on lately. It's been a few busy weeks!

My neighbour is renovating her house and she gave me a little pine vanity cabinet which I painted in ASCP Paris grey and used a Porter's Liming wax to soften the grey. Inside I painted it a white enamel. I also added a little porcelain Paris knob. This piece is for sale at Meshea Lifestyle at Leichhardt.

I have painted this chair for a client with ASCP and am just waiting on the gimp braid before I finish it and share it with you. You wait till you see the final reveal; you won't believe the difference!

I am turning this fabulous piece into a coat rack. It's a custom mix colour that is a pale stone. I can't wait to finish this piece hopefully later today. It's very OTT but lovely.

This beautiful sideboard is going black with distressing. You can see I've tested the edges to make sure I liked the paint and colour. (I do!)

The french style bedsides and a matching tall boy (not pictured as the drawers need repairing first) are being painted a semi gloss white (the buyers request). I bought them from a guy who was selling a whole bedroom set in Rockdale. Such an interesting guy, he had built his house himself many years ago and the main staircase was hand carved and just a work of art. I will also be picking up another long 9 drawer dresser this week from him. The bedsides and tall boy have already been sold to Dee, who bought the white dresser pictured below. She's very happy to have a whole matching bedroom suite.

Last week I spent a huge amount of time painting this hutch. I will eventually share photographs of it all assembled back at the owners' house. It's been painted a Paris Grey. 

So. Much. Work.

I also painted this sweet little chest of drawers white and distressed them. These are for sale at Meshea Lifestyle also.

I'm almost finished this bow front chest of drawers. The colour is a stone putty/stone colour. These drawers are very beautiful and solid. They will be for sale soon. I really love these.

and I repainted this silver bedside again. I will write a blog post soon about this one. It has caused me quite a bit of trouble. Hopefully it's all fixed now.

So you can see there is lots going on here. I was chatting to the builder who is going to renovate our house soon and I said "you can see how much I need a studio". His reply was "Fiona, you don't need a studio, you need a factory!"

I'd best get stuck back into it. Thanks for reading and taking an interest in my work.

Have a good week
Fiona xx


  1. They all look fabulous Fiona, I particularly like the bow front chest of drawers in the stone/putty - a lovely shade. As I've said before - wish I lived in Sydney!!

  2. I wish you lived here in Oregon! You would probably fall in love with the historic homes. I love your furniture renovations.

  3. As ever Fiona, you are inspirational. My bookcase is finally painted and in the sewing room after sitting in my garage for over 2 years and with no male around me I had to wait to get it moved. It has moveable shelving which are being painted now but with a couple of very cold days, not conducive to painting in the garage, I will have to wait for a few warmer days. Im not apllying wax as it will accommodate some of my fabric stash, so I'm using minwax polycrylic. i'll send you some photos when complete thanks to the lift I get from your emails. :)

  4. Beautiful pieces Fiona!! Is the bow front chest of drawers still available by any chance??


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