Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cotton Candy Upholstered Chairs

I recently bought some old Edwardian chairs that had been covered in tan corduroy that had definitely seen better days. The chairs are very solid and heavy and well made but I thought they could do with some visual enlightening. I stripped the upholstery, repainted the frames in ASCP Old White and used some pretty pink velvet I had on hand to create a whole new look.

I think they would be perfect in a little girl's bedroom. Very shabby chic!

To make the trim I just sewed some of the velvet into stripes and glued it on.  I thought that would look a whole lot better than gimp braid.

To get the details of the painted timber frames to stand out, you could either use a glaze or dark wax but instead I chose to not get the paint in to the crevices in the first place. I think this is a great way to show off the details of a piece. I also gave the edges of the chairs a light sand to distress them. Shabby chic all the way for these chairs.

Here they are before: a big difference and clean!

These french carvers below are something I am working on at the moment. They have been stripped and the frames started to be painted, first coat down in a grey. The upholstery on these was disgusting.

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The pink velvet chairs will be available at Meshea  Lifestyle at Leichhardt.

cheers Fiona xx


  1. oooh pretty!!! love these! the color is dreamy! :)

    1. Thanks Cassie – I thought the old white and pink were a good match. Something different for me.

  2. Great idea on how you dealt with the trim by just sewing strips and gluing them. It looks very custom.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

    1. thanks Mary. yes i much prefer it to braid and it's cheaper!


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