Monday, June 29, 2015

A pretty vintage desk

Sometimes pieces don't sell as quickly as I'd expect. This beautiful piece took a few days to sell - and I know that sounds completely ridiculous but I price my furniture to sell quickly. I know if I had a shop I could charge more and be happy with things sitting around for weeks if not months . Working from home I would prefer to finish something, sell it quickly and free both my physical space and my head space to move on to the next project.  I often have people ask me for desks so when I saw this one a few weeks ago I grabbed it.  It needed a fair bit of work as it had lived a hard but useful life.  Nothing a sander, zinsser sealer/blocker and my paint brush can't sort out.

With seven drawers it offers loads of storage. I think a little girl would just love this in her room - or pop it in the corner of a living area to do your bills and browse Pinterest :)

The timber top is walnut and is lovely. For the base I mixed the softest grey which is so delicate and neutral.  To get this colour I mixed white, grey and a beige - so I suppose the resulting colour is a pale greige.  Although I think it still reads as grey.

I also styled this a bit differently initially but then I hated my unpainted skirting boards and that data point in the background so I moved it all around and photographed it again.

So I'm not sure if it's because it's tax time or I've just missed the mark with this one or if I just have too high expectations on how quickly my furniture will sell but I was a bit surprised when this didn't sell immediately. Anyway it's sold now and I definitely need to learn to be more patient. :)

many thanks to all my lovely customers who let me keep on painting!
Fiona xx


  1. I am sure it will go soon! Such a solid piece, made light as air with those high legs - stunning! And the ornamentation would be prized by anyone needing a hit of your style! I always enjoy your blog; the furniture you find is SO different in character than what I find in Canada!

  2. The desk is beautifully done, Fiona! I'm working on a desk for my niece now, and have been debating about whether or not to paint the inside of the drawers. I noticed that you painted the inside of the center drawer on your desk. Did you also use a poly or wax to cover the paint on the inside of the drawers? I'm using AS Chalk Paint for my project and was thinking of using a matte poly instead of clear wax.

    1. hi Pamela - i don't usually paint inside drawers but these really needed painting. And one drawer I even put a false bottom in as it was so ink stained. A matte poly would work well over the could even spray it on to save time. or just use a satin or semi gloss paint instead of chalk paint. (which wouldn't need top coating)
      good luck with your desk. Fiona xx


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