Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ASCP Paloma is underrated

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A lovely local customer, Fiona, asked me to paint her old oak dressing table that she had bought for £50 in London years ago. She loved it but her husband absolutely hated the dark timber. She thought if she had it painted then perhaps he would like it more. Fiona was putting it her daughter's room and initially thought of ASCP Paris Grey but then I showed her ASCP Paloma and she was hooked. I love Paloma for girl's rooms as it's not girly pink, it's a warm sophisticated grey/mauve and I think will still look good for an older teenager. I don't like decorating kids rooms so that you need to change the decor every couple of years. Who's got time for that!

ASCP Paloma vintage dressing table and bedside tables Lilyfield Life

The dressing table had lovely mouldings added around the drawers and the beautiful barley twist detail on the mirror struts and legs. We decided to not distress or add any other details. The paint and wax was enough as is.

Fiona also asked me to paint some Mexican/Spanish bedside tables that she wanted to use in her daughter's room also.  They had been water damaged on top the and were pretty knocked about so I gave them a very thorough sanding. It wasn't possible to remove the centre tile so I used a little timber putty to smooth it out somewhat and I just painted over it. I tell you, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint sticks to pretty much any thing!

Bedside tables before - Spanish style

We swapped out the iron ring and blue knobs for crystal ones. Below you can see ASCP Paloma when it is unwaxed - the drawer on the right hand side is waxed and is a deeper colour. The paint looks quite grey still.

ASCP Paloma bedside tables Lilyfield Life

Once it is waxed it turns a deeper mauve. These photos were taken a few weeks ago when the weather was quite dreary so it's hard to capture the true colour - the top photo of the furniture all together looks quite bright and the one below is more muted. Annie Sloan decides it as a "soft warm neutral taupe grey" but it really does read more purple/lilac than taupe.  Either way it's a colour I find very easy to live with. 

ASCP Paloma vintage dressing table and bedside tables Lilyfield Life

Have you painted anything with ASCP Paloma?

Also can you believe the difference in these bedsides! they seriously don't look anything like the before photo, do they? Fiona was so happy with how it all turned out. She reckoned that her daughter now has the best room in their house.

I love happy customers.
I love paint.

Fiona xx


  1. Love Paloma, it's such a soft shade, will email a photo of a very cheap desk, $35, that I used old white, Paloma, clear and dark wax. Love your projects!

    1. You little table is lovely Mary Anne - the paloma really suits it. well done xx


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