Thursday, June 25, 2015

ASCP Graphite Serpentine Drawers..again

This year is flying by - I can't believe it's almost school holidays again. Last night at AFL training one of the dads was asking if we are doing anything for the holidays and I mentioned that I have to dig a pipe up in the backyard. He cracked up laughing and said most people say they are going away...oh my poor kids. LOL. Seriously though they are both booked in for sporting camps and even a cartoon drawing course and we'll have some nice relaxed days doing stuff in Sydney together. I'll probably hire a backpacker to dig the hole in the clay soil for the plumber to move the gully. It will be good not having it in the middle of the yard acting as a trip hazard.  Anyway on to the painted furniture! 

When you have been painting furniture for a long time you come across the same pieces again and again. It's especially good when you sold the first painted piece to a high demand and you know that people will just love that you have found and painted a similar or the same piece again.

A few years ago I bought and painted a lovely set of french style serpentine drawers. I've had people ask why "serpentine": they are called serpentine because of the shape of the front. Bowed drawers are when they are just convex, serpentine is when they sweep in then out in the centre.

Here is the piece I painted a few years ago.

ASCP Graphite Serpentine Drawers Lilyfield Life

And then below is the chest of drawers I hand painted earlier this week.  Exactly the same but with different handles.  I toyed with painting it a beautiful turquoise or possibly ASCP Old Ochre - it sat in my carport for about 6 weeks while I kept going back and forth - but I just kept coming back to how sophisticated this piece looks in graphite and I couldn't go past it. I also decided I just need to paint it and get it out of my carport and into someone else's home. Sometimes I can think too much about everything pieces. 

ASCP Graphite Serpentine Drawers Lilyfield Life

I can tell that my application of wax over Graphite has improved in the intervening years.

This piece is Australian made and it's rosewood - generally it was finished with a very red varnish that highlights the rosewood. I just have to paint these pieces as that red is disgusting :)  The photo below doesn't really show off the red in all it's glory.

ASCP Graphite Serpentine Drawers Lilyfield Life

This piece was snapped up quickly from my Lilyfield Life facebook page. I'm always a bit slower getting pieces on to my blog than to Instagram and facebook. If you are looking for any specific pieces for your home then feel free to email me or call me on 0405766445 and I can let you know what's coming up in my studio or source something for you.

Fiona xx

ASCP Graphite Serpentine Drawers Lilyfield Life



  2. That looks great, as usual. I love the handles on the newer piece.

  3. I love the serpentine style and the old ones are much better quality than the reproduction ones around. Your most recent one is fabulous and I think the handles set it off beautifully.


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