Thursday, June 11, 2015

Quick and Easy Update a Coffee Table

I've got such a lovely little update for you today. This one is always a winner for a fresh new look.

If you have a coffee table that's in good nick but you want to brighten it up or change its look with out a lot of work then a great way is to paint the base.  This is a fantastic project to do if you are a novice painter as you don't have to deal with the large flat surface of the top. The apron and legs of a table are much easier to paint :)

This coffee table is so beautiful but I had tried to sell it as is and was unsuccessful. It seems you all want painted furniture from me. I didn't want to paint over the beautiful parquetry top but wanted to add my signature touch so I decided to paint the apron and base. I chose ASCP Old White. I actually removed the top completely to paint as it makes it much easier as then there is no cutting in and you will get a much neater finished product. 

I then used ASCP Clear wax with a touch of Dark wax for some antiquing highlights. I decided to not distress this one. This is a such a well made piece and was actually bought by an antiques dealer who no doubt will sell it for three times the price I sold it for. (I love that my prices are reasonable!)

Have you done this to a table before? You really can knock the project over in a couple of hours. I did it to a friend's dining table while she was cooking dinner one night. By the time she'd cooked, I had finished and we all sat down at the "new" table. Talk about having to sing for your supper.

Fiona xx

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