Tuesday, June 9, 2015

At Home : Lilyfield Life

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend (for us Australians at least). We were so happy to see the sunshine again as it's been freezing here. Although a friend just got back from the UK and said they have similar temperatures so perhaps it's not too bad. 

We had a weekend mainly at home with a few little outings. Nice to spend some quiet time with the kids. I didn't do any painting as my back has been aching and I wanted to give it some rest. I thought I'd share some photos from around the house. (We are still working on it but very unstressed and relaxed about our progress)

We had a leisurely browse through Rozelle Markets on Saturday afternoon and I picked up a set of vintage Willow pattern plates for a great price. It's not often you get  set of ten. I have a few already at home that I love using so these will be nice to add to my collection.

We also went to the zoo (along with a HUGE amount of people) but the sun was shining and the kids weren't driving me nuts (okay they did a little :)) but Phil bought me some coffee and we had one of Sasha's amazing home made brownies and it was all good. Sydney sure does shine in the winter sun.

Hope you had a good weekend also.
Fiona xx


  1. loooved those dishes when i saw them on instagram!

    1. Thanks Cassie – I was so thrilled to find them and all in such great condition. I was thinking about on-selling them but in the end my heart won out and I’m keeping them.
      Hope you had a good weekend
      Fiona xx

  2. Beautiful, Congratulations Fiona on a great renovation. You must be pleased it's all finished.

  3. I love the little bird on the books. I am a book lover (particular poetry ones as I write poetry) and crazy about birds so the combo is perfect!

  4. All the hard work paid off. Your home is beautiful, Fiona.

  5. Your home is looking fabulous! I'm so happy for you. You're long overdue for a visit! Must organise xx M


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