Monday, June 22, 2015

Life and Latest pieces

Good morning! I hope you are refreshed froma  lovely weekend. We had a lovely, relatively quiet day yesterday - in between picking up a divine french sofa and friends dropping in, shoe shopping for our daughter etc we also had some quiet family downtime snuggled in front of the fireplace.

Last week was a good and interesting mix - birthday celebrations, my mother in law visiting, the kids performing (dance) at the Seymour centre two nights (proud Mummy moment, beautiful happy kids), doing some recruiting and interviewing for a business consulting client and of course PAINT! There's always some painting happening here :) It makes me so happy.

and these roses my friends gave me make me happy too..

and cake...cake makes me happy!

Phil and Sasha made me this pear and vanilla cake for my birthday. The first time Phil ever made this cake was when Sasha was a tiny baby. My aunt and uncle were coming to visit and I was having trouble settling Sasha so Phil said that he'd organise afternoon tea. When she was finally asleep I came out to find the table nicely set and this amazing cake in the centre. I really thought he'd nicked up to the beautiful patisserie in Balmain and bought it. The man is a master in the kitchen.

I bought this mirror a week ago and thought of keeping it but Phil didn't really like it so I sold it to a lady who wanted it painted. 

Alexis has bold blue wallpaper in her front entry that she inherited with the house and so we thought that painting the mirror ASCP Paris Grey would tie it in with the wall paper.

I painted these french style bedside tables - the outside is ASCP Paris Grey and inside Greek Blue for a little pop of colour. I also lightly distressed them and used a little dark wax to highlight the details and add some dimension.

This vintage table had a makeover. It's hard to believe that it's the same table as the timber was just so dry. I'm going to do a detailed blog post tomorrow on how to do this.

I also painted Buddha here below - not something I ever thought I'd do. I'll share my process and the paint I used later this week. It's a fantastic paint for outdoor projects. So quick and easy and the most beautiful durable finish.

That's pretty much it for last week...I crashed early on friday night. We went to dinner at my sister's and then I was up putting the kids to bed at 9pm and Phil was putting a movie on for us but I couldn't resist crawling into my own bed and never made it downstairs for the movie. I almost never am the first to bed.  Feeling much more refreshed today and looking forward to another productive week.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by.
Fiona xx


  1. ok i love the wallpaper with that mirror! gorgeous!

    1. I like it too! Such a great entrance to their house!

  2. I agree with Cassie. Paris Gray was the perfect choice to compliment that wallpaper. You are truly a paint wizard.


  4. Oooh can you share that recipe? Love pear ANYTHING! You're one lucky lady! Also all your furniture looks fab xx

  5. ALL LOVELY! Really amazing how something as cliched as the white and gold statue becomes beautiful and subdued when it's all one color....


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