Saturday, September 12, 2015

A map makes this piece pop

A $7.95 wrapping paper map makes this piece of furniture!

I recently bought an old Queen Anne long legged cabinet. It had lost the drop down front some time ago I would say but I just loved it and new I could bring it back to life.  Actually when I first saw the piece I didn't even notice the shelves inside, I just loved the outside shape and little drawers. What a great added bonus are the internal desk details

This is one of those pieces that jumped the queue and I started painting as soon as I walked in my front door with it. I pulled the back off to be able to access the shelves properly and also because the inside of the back was painted in a chalky red coating that I knew I wouldn't be able to paint over properly.  I painted the internal in the seafoam colour I mixed recently for a chest of drawers.  The outside I painted in a ASCP mix out of several cans of paint that were almost finished  -it's a lovely soft taupe that I am going to mix again for a huge chest of French drawers that I have sitting in my studio awaiting my paint brush.

To adhere the map to the back of the cabinet I first coated the red chalky paint in a sealant spray so that it wouldn''t show through onto the wrapping paper. This paper is more like thick calendar paper, not the thin wrapping paper that comes in rolls. I used modge podge to both adhere the paper and to give it a sealant to protect it. then I screwed the board back onto the piece.

Isn't it fantastic! (Forgive me for saying so myself).

My friend Belinda from Bella Emporio Roxelle stopped by yesterday while I was working on it. She was dropping off a mirror for me to paint and when she saw this piece she asked to buy it. So in the afternoon as soon as i'd finished it I dropped it up to her. It's in her shop for display and no doubt for sale.

Last night I had two enormous wardrobes dropped off for custom painting.  Call me crazy as that's bucket loads of white paint to transom them. Luckily I love painting!

Fiona xx


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    1. Me too! I’ve got another little project needing a map also. love the colours of this one. Much appreciated xx


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