Saturday, September 5, 2015

A special piece for a new mumma

Sometimes things just turn out perfectly. I bought a bedroom set recently from a lovely old couple. It was solid timber and dovetailed and in perfect condition. It had been their wedding present to each other, god knows, a million years ago ... okay not a million but they were all (the furniture and the couple) pretty old :)

I had to drive to Castle Hill one night to pick it all up and I had forgotten how far it is. It's a different world out there, the house are just enormous - like American houses. So different to the inner city with our small blocks of land and modest houses.

I had a customer wanting a little pair of bedsides so I split the bedroom set and painted the bedsides in a Restoration Hardware style using Annie Sloan french Linen, Paris Grey and Pure White. I've blogged this effect many many times so I won't bore you again with details of how to achieve this look. 

I had planned to paint the dresser the same but one afternoon I was playing with some colours and mixed a beautiful sea foam and decided that I knew exactly how I wanted to paint the chest of drawers. It's a small piece so I imagined it in a baby's room.

I love the colour - quite different to Duck Egg in real life. Very reminiscent of the ocean. I thought the crystal knobs and white top also lift the piece. Fresh and clean.

When I listed it for sale I had a call from Tammy in Melbourne who wanted to buy it for her baby (not born yet). Sadly her dad passed away a few weeks ago but before he died he had given Tammy some money to buy some things for the baby and she is buying these drawers. So bittersweet and it really touched me. I decided to give Tammy the matching bed stool as well and when I told her she started crying and so of course then I was crying. I'm glad to have made her happy - despite our tears. I painted the stool white and just covered it in linen so it's easily recovered in a fabric that matches the baby's room.

Nice to be able to do kind things for people. I wish her all the best for the baby and am touched she has chosen my furniture as a remembrance from her dad.  I've got a great courier who travels Sydney to Melbourne down the Hume highway so it's a very reasonable way to purchase my furniture if you are interstate.

Have a lovely weekend. I am so tired today - one of those days I've just hit the wall. Sasha and I are having a quiet day as the boys are away for the weekend and it's just the two of us.

Fiona xx


  1. Hey Fiona! Those pieces are beautiful! Wish I'd known you were coming to Castle Hill! Could've finally had that coffee! Mx

    1. Hi marita , it was 9 o'clock at night! Was so busy that week and it was the only time I could squeeze it in. Did think of you though xx

  2. Hi, Fiona. Can you please tell me the brush techqnique you used to get the look of the two gray end tables and the colors that you used? I can't tell if you dry-brushed or whitewashed or neither :) Thanks


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