Sunday, September 13, 2015

The weekend at home

Just a quick little hello from me on Sunday morning. Hope you are having a beautiful day. We are having amazing weather this weekend in Sydney and both Phil and I are getting excited about the summer and also how our house will be in the warmer months. The light in the back lounge room is beautiful and having the three french doors open wide on to the terrace is just beautiful. We still need to do a huge amount of work in the garden : re-turf and leveling the soil is also on the agenda. I have been having a play with some succulents and a vintage sieve. I havent got it sorted yet but I think when I do it will look great hanging on our fence.

We had friends over for dinner last night and sat outside for the meal. We lit a fire and it was so pleasant. Still no outdoor table but I just chucked a nice french tablecloth over the plastic trestle table and all is good. who cares when there is good company, yummy food, champagne and a chandelier-turned-candelabra. 

My friend is hilarious - such a funny evening. She turned up with flowers for me but said she's tripped over and broken most of them - the remaining ones still look good. I love ranunculus and am glad to make the most of them in springtime. (and no she didn't hurt herself)

I have a few pieces of furniture available as is if you are interested. This beautiful french sofa which is in amazing condition and doesn't need re-upholstering if you don't mind the current fabric. 1.3m long - perfect for a bedroom. If no one wants as is I have a lovely plan for its makeover.  (SOFA HAS SOLD)

I also have a stunning vintage large blanket box on castors available. Custom painted $500 or buy as is for $295. 100cm wide x 50cm deep x 72cm high. pickup Lilyfield or some delivery available

I would love to be spending the day at home relaxing but I'm heading out to Olympic Park to take Sasha to a party. Mother duties are never ending aren't they. Her social life is way better than mine these days!

have a lovely day
Fiona xx


  1. I am wondering if you will be re-doing the pieces. Today for me is Saturday!

    1. Hi Rose, hope you had a good weekend (or still having). If the pieces don’t sell as they currently are, yes I’ll be re-doing them. Stay tuned :)

  2. Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog and your furniture transformations, especially the products you use as there isn't much info for Australian DIYers compared to Americans.

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