Monday, September 21, 2015

Hand painted French drawers in pale taupe

I have a thing for furniture - you may have noticed :) I especially love long chests of drawers. This one is no exception. Actually it may just be one of my favourites with it's clean lines.

When I bought it I couldn't even take a before photo - someone had painted it pale blue and bright, bright yellow. Must have been from the 1980's - anyway I could see how well made the piece was (solid timber, dovetailed drawers on base runners and very heavy) and loved the size of it. I knew I could tone it all down with paint.  The back panel had also fallen off the piece which turned some people away from buying it but it was a simple fix with a nail gun. 

I mixed a pale taupe colour based on ASCP French Linen. It's very soft and muted and I think it would go in any home as it's so neutral. I have the piece a good sand and then primed it in a dark grey Zinsser BIN to cover the yellow paint. I then painted in my custom mixed chalk paint and waxed and sanded it smooth. For the handles I spray painted them with a Rustoleum paint and primer.  

The drawers are 1.73m long and would be fantastic storage in a bedroom. They would also work as a sideboard or TV cabinet.  I have a few buyers lined up and someone is coming to see it this morning but if you are interested, just email for price and details and you can be added to the "interested parties" list.  ** UPDATE these have now sold

I am also almost sold out of the willow wreaths - let me know asap if you want one and I'll possible be able to order more. I kept one for our house,I found a nice spot for it next to our front door.

Hope you've had a good weekend. It always goes so quickly doesn't it. Today I'm trying to squeeze in some furniture painting in between the kids' activities. My daughter has a better social life than most adults I know so she's off to a friend's for the day. I may have to pout Jonty to work with the sand paper on my next piece. He's very practiced at that and loves helping me. Nothing like cheap labour :)

Fiona xx


  1. Nice piece of furniture. So many drawers.

  2. Fiona, I love that you rescued this garishly painted yellow and blue French empire chest of drawers. I have one similar to yours here that is finishe all around the chest so I could float it as a coffee table chest. Mine is small and side table chest style yet use it for many different uses, as you will find you will do here. I always replace the backing on pieces just to freshen up the age.

    It's a beautiful piece you now can be so very proud of.



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