Thursday, September 10, 2015

Latest painted furniture from Lilyfield Life

I've been blogging now for almost 5 years about painted furniture and sometimes I wonder that you and I aren't bored out of our brains reading about it. Just how many before and afters can we look at and remain interested? I suppose people come and go, and stay while they are inspired and learning. Thank you for reading and writing to me. I love this blog community and the richness it's added to my life with the relationships that has developed here.

I've got several pieces of furniture finished and ready to be picked up. A good thing too as I've agreed to paint two enormous wardrobes that are being delivered on Friday night and i need to clear some space. Times like this I want to go out and rent a huge studio but then I'd lose the flexibility of working from home so i'll just make it work for the time being.

This beautiful Art Nouveau secretaire was my aunt's. Dated from 1910 its a beautiful solid piece and just lovely. It probably didn't need painting you can see the before photo below and the patina is beautiful, but try as I might I never seem to be able to sell a piece unpainted.  My aunt actually wanted me to paint it which is half the reason she gave it to me I think. Anyway I decided to paint it a crisp white and lightly distress the edges. I used two coats of Zinsser BIN and then about 5 coats of ASCP Pure White which I love but it's very translucent so you need a lot of coats for full coverage. The fitted interior is cedar so I decided to leave that unpainted and it's a beautiful contrast. the piece has already sold and my customer, Cheryl, is going to use it in her bedroom to store jewellery and precious things.

Below is a progress photo but shows the interior drawers.

When Cheryl came to look at the secretaire she mentioned she was also looking for some french style bedside tables. I love it when I can say "oh I have some right here" and they are exactly what my client had in mind. Cheryl wanted a neutral colour for the bedsides but not white, so I suggested ASCP Old Ochre. They came up very nicely. Such a beautiful shape.

I also finished the demi lune hall table that I showed the before photo in yesterday's post. The base is ASCP Old Ochre and the top is a black enamel paint. I really love this mix - elegant.

and before - isn't paint just magic :)

Sasha came home from camp last night full of fun stories and excitement. I had a lovely bunch of roses to welcome her. She's gone off to school this morning, very tired but I think the whole class will be the same. An early night for her tonight I think.

When I took the above photo (that is actually in our upstairs landing), I noticed that everything in this photo is a revamped vintage find except the vase and statue which were gifts. How good is second hand stuff and paint!

Lastly today, I wanted to share my grandad's orchids that are still going (and growing) strong after more than 70 years. They make me so happy every year. I loved him so much. A nice connection to him and to my mum. I miss them both so much, Mum especially. Grief is just weird. So not linear. 

Anyway I hope you have a great day. I'm finishing off the cutest little cabinet and a chiffonier. Best I get cracking...

Fiona xx


  1. I love the details on the Secretary and it is so lovely painted. I have a couple pieces I want to paint and must do in secret as friends of mine threaten when I want to paint oak.

    1. People are so opinionated Rose. Go for it if that's what you want xx

  2. Hi Fiona, I never comment but I always love seeing what you are up to so NEVER bored. Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiration and generous advice. all the best Marcia.

  3. Hi Fiona - Love all your painted pieces, especially the beautiful details on the Secrétaire. I never get tired of looking at your projects!

    1. thanks so much Mary - likewise with your beautiful work xx

  4. Hi Fiona, do you still ave the demi lune hall table? If so can you please let m know the price? Thank you.

    1. hi Sarah - sorry that one is sold but I do have the blue one - check my for sale page. much appreciated


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