Monday, November 23, 2015

Around my home

Good morning. I have a studio jammed packed full of furniture  - currently all brown and unpainted but hopefully I have a full day of painting and make good progress. I can barely move in there:)

So much brown that I can't bring myself to share a photo of it. Instead I took some photos of my white dining room with this gorgeous crate of flowers. 
Way more pleasing to the eye.

On the home renovation front, we have very nearly finished our long to do list. Nothing like having friends coming to stay for Christmas to get us motivated to do the remaining tasks. Our lawn that Phil laid recently is doing so well after all the rain - it's a sea of lush green...and one small patch of clover but I think Phil is onto it. It won't be there for long under his green thumb. Pavers will be laid in the next few weeks for the basketball area. We are just using the tumbled travertine the same as our terrace so it's not all a mish-mash of surfaces in our small backyard.

I'm getting on with finishing the remaining painting of the cabinetry and a few other details. It's been 99% finished for ages but having the energy and time to do that last 1% has proven difficult. Especially when it's my business to paint, painting in my spare time for us is not all that attractive sometimes.  This mirror below will also get a new coat of paint while I'm at it.

Well I'm off to take the kids to school then pick up a lovely big mirror and some gorgeous bedsides to add to my furniture list to paint. As if I needed more projects but who can resist pretty things. 

Have a great day
Fiona xx


  1. I bet you will be ecstatic when all the renovation work is done!!

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