Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Layered ASCP Provence on a Rustic Pine Console

I don't normally buy pine furniture preferring instead vintage pieces but these pine consoles are so handy in your home that I couldn't not buy it. I don't have a before photo but it was orange pine and very rustic. I decided to do a layered look and used ASCP Provence as my base colour.

I first primed the piece with Zinsser and then gave it two solid coats of ASCP Provence. I actually removed the top (unscrewed) so it made it easier without having to cut in on the underside. Once the paint was dry, I got a large plate and on one half put ASCP French Linen and the other side ASCP Old White. With a large brush I dry brushed and also washed layers of both these colours over the Provence. For this you can be totally random. I think the main thing to realise is that you need to stand back from your work and look at it from a normal viewing distance and not worry about what it looks like very close up.

Once I was happy with the layering I let it all dry, waxed it with ASCP Clear Wax then distressed it. I used a much heavier grip sandpaper than I normally use for a rougher look.

For the top I painted it in a lovely Porters Chalk Emulsion that I often use as it's such a  great colour - soft, not too stark but not yellow like ASCP old White.

I actually love this table here at the base of my stairs but it's already sold. It's good to try different techniques and mix things up a bit.  Nice to do a few more rustic pieces also.

Cheers Fiona 


  1. Rustic it may be, but those prettily detailed legs could go walking down 5th Avenue any time! You are so skilled at brush and grit - I can do many things, but one of them is commit to awe and appreciation of what you do!

    FYI - I never get tired of your urn/cauldron of lavender! We are headed into cold months now, and it always makes me think of fine weather with humming bees.

    Thanks, as always, for this post!

    1. thanks so much - you are lovely. good luck with the cold weather xx

  2. Rural it might be, yet those pleasingly itemized legs could go strolling down fifth Avenue whenever! You are so talented at brush and coarseness - I can do numerous things, yet one of them is resolve to amazement and valuation for what you do!

  3. The last pic of a table is the one i like the most. the color combination of table with its surround is totally perfect...nice to have one of them next to my entrance door to watch my guest awe after watching this wonderful table. thanks Fiona.


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