Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vintage White Oak Drawers and Mirrors

These are gorgeous old oak drawers that I've just finished painting in a crisp bright white. I am so happy with how these turned out as when I got them the top had completely split into three boards so it too a bit of work and fiddling around to re-join the top so no splits showed. I had to remove the top completely which has a little tricky as it had been nailed in but I love how it all turned out.

So many uses for this piece: bedroom, hallway, sideboard, lounge room or baby's nursery
The drawers are all solid timber and slide well.
106w x 48d x 77h cm
Pickup Lilyfield $325
Call me on 0405766445 if you are interested in purchasing the drawers.

I also have been painting a few mirrors.
This one for my friend Belinda.

And then these all for sale (although they have all sold already)

Elegant rose gold

French washed blue

and this one also in a washed French blue that Sasha desperately wanted for her room. It goes well with all her pops of turquoise. can you see her bunting and her cushion she made on the bed?

So we sold the white vintage one that she used to have on her drawers. I am a bit sad to see that one go as I bought it when I was visiting my mum in Canberra hospital after a hip replacement. There were great markets right outside my hotel. 

Here are the other treasures I bought. I'm not the best seller actually looking at that as we kept quite a bit of that stash.  We still have the birdcage (now white) in the garden, the old tin with the boat on it and the timber teddy are in Jonty's room and the lantern is in the lounge room. The mirror sold already and Lisa is picking it up today. Maybe I should go to Canberra again as that was a good haul :)

Fiona xx


  1. Your daughter's room looks fantastic, love that turquoise.

  2. Turquoise and white go so well together. Saw a white bench a few weeks ago that would look beautiful in her room:

  3. You sure found some very unique mirrors!


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