Thursday, November 19, 2015

Upholstered Bench Seat and my daughter's cushion

A few years ago I bought some beautiful taupe hemp fabric that I just loved but didn't have a particular project in mind for. Yesterday I was finally able to put the fabric to use. It was the perfect size for an upholstered bench seat I was restoring.

Lovely fluted details on the legs

Perfect for the end of your bed

On the weekend I spent some time teaching my daughter to sew. I've given her lessons in the past but it's a gradual process. She made her own bunting and also a cushion. I'll share the bunting soon but here's the cushion. Didn't she do a great job with scrap fabric we had stashed away?

I'm a proud mumma. She's learning on my mum's old machine that I inherited. My mum would love that.

I'm getting stuck into the painting again today. I have almost finished a china cabinet for a lovely lady who wants it heavily antiqued. I'll hopefully finish it today and share it tomorrow.
Fiona xx


  1. You have every reason to be proud! Your daughter has a good eye for colour and grouping - look at the section of fabric she 'framed'.

    I love my grown son dearly, but he did not follow much in my footsteps as a child. Sports, gaming, and mathematics... But we both adore sushi, chickens and cats!

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