Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Around my house

I'll be back later today with a white paint vintage makeover that I am loving. I finished it late afternoon yesterday and the light was too poor to take photos so once the kids are at school I'll snap some and post again.

In the mean time I thought I'd share some little corners of my house from this week.

Jonquils in Vintage Wire crate

 Sweet Jonquils and my sweet puppy Charlie.

Charlie the Cavoodle

Soft blue, purple and white accents in our bedroom.  I actually bought these ginger jars for Sandy of Paint me White to sell in her shop but we never arranged for me to get them to her so I ended up unwrapping them and using them in our bedroom!  I just love them.
I am always tempted to paint our bedrooms white but I do love the pale blue walls and the serenity that they give to the room. What colour are you bedroom walls? Do you think the blue is outdated?

Blue Ginger Jar and French Bedroom Chair

Our garden is starting to look lovely again. All the hard work we put in a the start of Spring is paying off and we have flowers in full bloom. I have a few massive Snapdragon plants that I had left in the garden from last year and they are about to bloom and the stalks are just enormous. I'm quite excited as I had never thought they'd bloom again this year. 
I'll share some photos once they are open.

vintage rustic ladder and whitewashed corbel

 Catch ya later for some swooning over white paint and vintage finds.

Fiona xx


  1. ooh can't wait to see your furniture makeover, bet it feels good to get one done!

    Re the blue bedroom, you did I will answer honestly...for me personally, yes blue on walls is dated and I am over it. Oh I totally LOVE pale blues and use it lots in my furniture, but for walls, I have done what seems like every shade of blue in bedrooms over the past (OMG) 20 yrs of being a homeowner. Including cornflower blue wooden window frames...on the inside, lol. (what was I thinking!) The blue on your walls is such a pretty shade though, why don't you do stripes, or leave one wall blue (yes I know feature walls are out of date too, but I think they can look alright in the right place).

    In this house all our walls are that foul yellowey-cream colour that was popular quite a while ago (it's probably Resene spanish white or something like that. The bedroom is first on my list to repaint and as it has a brick wall (which I like) I am thinking of painting the ordinary walls (really only one full wall) a greyish shade to match the mortar in the brick. So looking forward to getting it done! Sophie wants pink walls (I'd like to do stripes) and Jake wants Power rangers on his (not gonna happen, lol!).

    I have a collection of Emile Henry cookware/serving ware that I has been given to me as birthday gifts over the last 20 yrs (eek my 21st was 20 yrs ago, haha!) and then we got more as wedding presents. I have a heap of it. Anyway, guess what, it is BLUE. Like a real 1990's blue. A few years ago I was totally over it and hid it all away but there isn't a day that passes without us using one or other of the dishes to cook dinner in. I do appreciate that it wasn't cheap to start with, and has lasted all these years. One day I may even love the blue again ;)

    Have a good day!
    xx Karen

  2. Good morning Fiona, these corners of your house are just lovely!
    have a lovely day

  3. Oh gorgeous photos, Fiona!
    Cas x


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