Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Selling my Industrial Pigeon holes

I have decided that my little house that is packed full of furniture has no room for the industrial pigeon holes I got a few months ago. Until we renovate in a few years time we just don't have the room and I am not a believer in keeping them in storage on the hope that one day I will be able to use them.  I'd much rather someone else was using them and loving them so I am selling them. UPDATE: THEY ARE SOLD

Dimensions: 1.5m long by 63 cm tall by 40cm deep.

I had planned to turn our dumping ground toy room into my sewing room but now I've turned it back into a third bedroom so my kids can have separate rooms. Although last night I went in to kiss my daughter goodnight and she was lying in the dark with a few tears in her eyes missing her little brother. Such a sweet girl.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Fiona xx


  1. Oh sweet girl. Love your industrial pigeon holes. Sure they will be snapped up quickly.

    1. Thanks Kylie – yes I’m sure too. They are just lovely but really unneeded in my little house!
      Have a lovely week


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