Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some Weekend Photos

Not much to say this morning so I just thought I'd share some photos from the weekend. My poppies are still keep on keepin' on. I have now culled all the dead ones, cut their stems down and put into cute little glass bottles.  I love how, by cutting, culling and rearranging you really can get the most out of a small bunch of flowers. These are now in my hallway.

Small but so very pretty and welcoming when you come home.

Do you recycle your flowers to get the most from them? 

It can really extend the life of them!

Speaking of flowers, this beautiful bunch was left on our doorstep on Saturday afternoon from a lovely friend as a thank you for when I made a big chocolate cake recently. Purple hyacinth and lavender arranged and wrapped beautifully by Pearsons. 

I put them in a beautiful green round vase we got for our wedding. I love how flowers look in this vase. So I arrived home (from Bunnings) to these and then Phil opened a bottle of champagne. Pretty nice for a Saturday night.  The photo is below is one I shared on Instagram (find me there as Lilyfield Life).  

I love how simple things can make something nice even more special. The flowers came wrapped in nice white paper but tied but with twine, dried twigs and this divine dusty pink rose. I just couldn't believe this was real at first. The colour and texture of the petals is just so beautiful.

We shared an amazing brunch at our lovely neighbours for fathers' day. man, those guys know how to cook. They have four kids (teenagers and young adults) and everyone in the house is good in the kitchen. It's a pleasure to feast at their table - beautiful food, great coffee and wonderful company. We didn't leave until 2pm so a long relaxed brunch. I should have taken my camera, you would have been amazed at the spread - all good home cooked food.

have a good day
Fiona xx


  1. Hi Fiona
    If you have nothing much to say I would be happy to look at your flowers anytime. So pretty all of them. Every room should have a living thing in it.

  2. Wow Fiona, gorgeous photography and your house is just so beautiful.

  3. that first photo of the poppies is very beautiful Fiona. good ideas for extending their life. thanks
    I just love it.
    Claire xx

  4. "nothing to say" and yet still so beautiful. thanks for sharing, Fiona.

  5. Love that green vase...looks so dynamic with the purple and blue blooms xx

  6. I'm so glad to have discovered your blog. It is beyond beautiful and I love your furniture makeovers. Thanks for sharing!
    I'll be subscribing from now on!

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