Friday, September 28, 2012

Corners of my house today

It's late Friday night and today was a pretty incredible day and I'll soon be tucked up in bed and hopefully sleeping soundly but before I go I wanted to share some of the corners of my house from today's magazine photo shoot. These are just my Instagram photos and none of the professional photos; which I won't have access to until the magazine issue comes out whenever that is.

Serious camera gear and such a friendly talented team!

I'm posting this from blogsy as I've shut my desktop down for the night so I hope it formats ok. Rubbing my eyes as so tired and I've been staving off a big head cold all day, running on adrenaline, but really need to crawl into my comfy bed now and hope my nose stops running! Thank you for all your lovely well wishes for today. It was more work than I imagined but just a lovely experience.

But gosh I learned a lot today!

Fiona xx

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  1. The photos look lovely. Looking forward to seeing the published photos. Did they change much? xx

  2. Fabulous photos Fiona. You must be exhausted from all the excitement. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend :)
    Cas x

  3. Wow Wow Wow, such an exciting day for you and your house is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see the article. hooray for you!
    have a lovely weekend
    Jodie x

  4. Fiona is it all very lovely. You are amazing. I lvoe your home.
    ML xx

  5. Lovely photos Fiona, what an exciting day, your home is beautiful.x

  6. Just lovely photos - and that chandelier!!!

  7. Beautiful home! Thanks so much for sharing it with us :-)

    1. Thank you so much Helen, it's all thrifted and painted or handmade so there's a lot of love and hard work, but that makes it all very special.Thanks for stopping by


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