Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lots of changes here and some pretty flowers

I have been very busy around the house this week - finishing so many little jobs  (and a couple of big ones) that have been outstanding for so long.  I've repainted the lounge room walls, ceiling and skirtings, the bedroom doors, the front door, and the hallway wall. I've finally got around to putting back on the door handles on the bedroom doors and hung hooks in our bedroom and the bathroom. I've got two lovely furniture makeovers and two bedroom reveals to share soon.  You'll have to wait for all of that though as today I'm just sharing some pretty flowers.

This morning I was up at 5am and out at the Sydney Flower markets.  It is incredibly cheap to buy flowers there and I spent $20 and got lots of bunches for the photo shoot in my house tomorrow. The magazine stylist rang me this afternoon and said she would bring flowers but I didn't know that so I've saved her the trouble. 

Other changes that were threatening was my husband was making noises about being the stay at home dad again and me going back into the corporate world  full time (instead of doing my part-time business consultancy/part time furniture painter / blogger / mum etc) but Phew his contract has been renewed and all is fine in my little world again!

Thanks everyone for your gorgeous feedback on facebook, the blog, email and instagram on Dad's remedy for scale on citrus trees. A couple of people called Dad a legend (that he just loved!) and also suggested he do a regular guest posting here. I love that idea and so did Dad, so he's off thinking of gardening and pest control blog post ideas! He's a wealth of knowledge and I love that he's into my little blog.

Have a lovely evening
Fiona xx


  1. Phew - glad you are not giving up on your blog! and I can't wait to see all your reveals. in the meantime, these flowers and your photography are divine.
    Julie xx

  2. Good luck for tomorrow, and yeah phew that you don't have to get a real job again anytime soon...unless you want to of course! I say all the time that I paint furniture so I don't have to get a real job, gawd I couldn't think of anything worse than having to go back into banking!

    Very cute about your Dad maybe posting on your blog too :) My Dad is a weeds and seeds man (export manager at PGG Wrightson, has worked for them for over 40 yrs). He knows alot about garden peas, lol! You want a container of them, he is your man ;)

    xx Karen

  3. Good luck tomorrow Fiona, breath!! Sandy x

  4. Nothing like a big event to get you to all those 'jobs' - good luck with it all tomorrow! Mx

  5. WOW - you have been busy! Must be the week for it! I had my first market stall on Sunday and things have been crazy!!

    A magazine shoot sounds wonderful and I look forward to seeing some pics.

  6. so glad your hubby doesn't have to be a stay at home dad- yes, all is right in your world now! :)

  7. I wonder if you're sleeping tonight ?? Best of luck Fiona !! Can't wait to see the article xx

  8. Everything looks lovely. Good luck. You sound very organised. Giulia x

  9. Gosh you have been busy Fiona :) Such an exciting time for you!
    Cas x


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