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Weetbix Slice with Lemon Icing Recipe : Lilyfield Life

Weetbix Slice Recipe, easy afternoon tea

This recipe for Weetbix slice comes courtesy of my mother-in-law. It's such old fashioned Australian country baking and is one of those recipes that is delicious and handy to know. 

It's one of those slightly ugly looking but deliciously divine slices. Not good for a fine afternoon tea party but fantastic for a lazy Sunday afternoon, served with a pot of tea to happy husbands and ever-hungry kiddos.

Weetbix Slice Recipe, easy afternoon tea

Weetbix are a staple cereal in our house, along with oats, and are a great start to the day. We even pack a box or two when we go overseas on holidays. Nothing like familiar food for the kids. So we always are left with those crumbs at the bottom of the box that the kids don't want to eat in their cereal bowls but I can't bring myself to throw away (although we do feed them to out chickens occasionally   So we make this slice whenever we finish a box of Weetbix (or you can just crumble up a couple of whole weetbix instead).

We top this slice with lemon icing. Our Meyer lemon tree is doing very well now and is full of tiny lemons but none are ready for harvest. These lemons below are from my mother in law's garden and are very juicy. The whole recipe is very based on mother-in-laws - it's my mother-in-law's recipe and I bake it in her mother-in-law's (ie Phil's paternal grandmother's) slice pan.

Easy Weet bix slice recipe with lemon icing

My Mother-in-law's WeetBix Slice Recipe


½ cup of castor sugar
1 cup of self raising flour
1 tbs cocoa
1 cup of desiccated coconut
4 weetbix well crumbled* 
1 cup of sultanas* 
125g of melted butter

Lemon Icing
2 cups of icing sugar
juice from a lemon
  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and if it’s looking a bit dry add in a little bit of water. I usually add in about 50mls of water. 
  2. Press into a greased slice pan and bake at 180 degrees for 15 -20mins.  In my fan forced oven, I find that 15 mins is enough. 
  3. Let the slice cool in the pan and top with lemon icing (just icing sugar mixed with lemon juice, no water) and put in fridge to firm before cutting. 

*Recipe Notes: 4 weetbix is around 70g if you are using crumbs from the bottom of the box. I often add in some well-chopped dried apricots as well. Can be stored in fridge or an airtight container.
Weetbix slice recipe with lemon icing

Today is my mum's birthday and I know there'll be some tough times thinking of her so I'm off to do something nice with my kids and remember my mum with love. I'll post some photos on facebook and Instagram during the day as we are probably heading to the beach.

Fiona xx


  1. Thanks for posting yet another great recipe.

  2. I think I shall get my class to make this one.Fiona

  3. Thanks Fiona, perfect timing for school holidays and the end of the box
    Amie xx

  4. Hope you have a lovely day today..........

  5. Great recipe...Im going to give it a go today. Thanks for sharing. xo

  6. looks delicious. thinking of you today of all days.
    love Janie

  7. Awesome recipe Fiona, I tried it today. We all loved it!


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