Wednesday, September 18, 2013

French Style Drawers

I see chests of drawers this shape all the time on American blogs but they are incredibly hard to find in Australia. When I saw this for sale I knew I had to buy it despite it being out near Blacktown (about 40 minutes drive from me). I made a morning of it and did some other chores on the way.

And I think the pleasure of painting these drawers were completely worth the trip.

I sanded the dated gloss cream finish (that was heavily scratched  then gave the whole chest of drawers a coat of a sealer and started painting it all grey. my plan was to paint it grey with white trim but it just looked a bit bland so last night I started white washing over the grey for a softer look. I love how it turned out.

I waxed it with Miss Mustard Seed wax (I bought it from Knot Too Shabby when I was last in the US) which is so buttery and smooth and then I buffed it to a lovely gentle sheen.

I sprayed the handles as they were quite gold which didn't suit the grey. I adore the shape of these handles. I think they are so elegant.

If I needed yet another chest of French style drawers I would be keeping it. However our house is busting with French furniture at the moment so this piece is for sale, please message me for details.

I also rearranged the beautiful ranunculi we bought at the markets last Saturday for something a little different and to freshen up the droopy ones.

All the blooms with droopy stalks I cut off and put in a shallow dish in our bathroom. They'll probably be covered with toothpaste form the kids in no time but I am enjoying it while it lasts. 
You can't waste beauty, can you?

Have a great day
Fiona xx


  1. Beautiful and immaculate - this piece is almost shimmering. I love the effect of the whitewash :)

    btw: awesome blog too!

  2. these are lovely,i would have picked them up for you Fiona as my husband works in blacktown with a van-next time-love dee x

  3. so pretty! i love the soft white effect!

    1. Thanks Cassie. I wasn't sure about the washed look when I was only half done but happy with it now

  4. It's stunning: a beautiful piece and I livd your house! It's all so pretty

  5. Fiona,
    Gorgeous, as usual! Whenever I start a French style piece, I think of you and wonder "What would Fiona do with this piece?" You have such a lovely eye...I wish I could transport some of my finds over to you from the states! :) Glad you were able to try MMS wax. I've had much better luck with it.

  6. I was wondering how you did the handles, and you said you sprayed them - do you mean you used the same paint colour in a spray can?! Gorgeous piece, you are very lucky to have found it.

  7. Gorgeous !!!
    I just did the same technique ( grey and then white wash ) but I distressed mine - yours is really just beautiful!!!

  8. It looks beautiful - love the french dressers! :)


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