Thursday, February 6, 2014

A French Dressing Table for Ljae's sick boy

Sometimes you meet people who blow you away with their attitude and approach, who touch you profoundly, and make you realise that little bit more that life is special and good and to be cherished. Even though I've only met Ljae though our facebook pages and our love for painting furniture, she has really had a big impact on me and I greatly admire her.

Her son, Hunter, has Dravet's Syndrome (actually the most severe documented case in the world) and suffers terribly with constant seizures and from side effects from both the syndrome and the drugs used to control the seizures. Life is tough for them with lots of the things that we take for granted, made difficult. However Ljae is amazing with her positive attitude and her love and her sheer determination to give him the best life possible.

I wanted to do something to help so I thought I'd paint some furniture to be auctioned off and to donate the money to her. It probably won't be much but I suppose every little bit helps.

I was given this beautifully shaped dressing table by Kath, a generous blog reader and I thought it would be a good makeover for Ljae. It's painted in a soft grey (a custom mix of ASCP Paris Grey and Old White and Pure White) with Pure white on the trim. I then waxed it and buffed it to a soft sheen.

It can be used with or without the mirrors - as a dressing table, a hall table or even a desk.  You can place bids on my facebook page until 8pm tonight. The current bid is $200 which is a bargain.

I don't actually have before photos but it was quite red and in a bad way with lots of scratches and marks. Here are some ''during'' photos.

Please spread the word as I would love to be able to send some money to Ljae to help her with her son. If you want to donate directly to Ljae please see her boy's fundraising page here. Or I can put you in contact with Ljae directly.

thank you

Fiona xx


  1. Lovely thing to do - I hope a good amount was raised!

    1. hi Rebecca, it was quite disappointing actually I think i would have been better just selling it and giving the money to Ljae. Oh well I know next time
      thanks for your comment
      Fiona xx

  2. Fiona, you have the kindest heart and this is so beautiful. Beth x

  3. Hi,
    I am in the process of doing one up for my room and have sanded and undercoated it. How do I get the finish with my brush marks? Thanks :)


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