Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ASCP Graphite Painted Cabinet

Some pieces of furniture have had a very hard life. 

This was one of them. Oh it was scratched, dry wood, dirty and a bit broken. (can you see my foot holding the door shut as even it didn't stay closed)

Missing beading

Broken handles, someone had carved WORKING into the top (pretty sure this is from some governemnt department) and loads of scratches. It also had a massive split in the timber at the top.

But it was a great shape with lovely legs and details and fantastic storage.

I posted a photo on facebook of the rusty garden chairs I restored and this cabinet was in the background and Yvette who had been asking after my furniture for a while asked me to paint this piece for her. We decided on ASCP Graphite for a moody look. I sanded the top with my orbital sander as it was so scratched and I needed to get the graffiti off. I used a high grit initially and then medium grit and then a very fine grit to give the top a lovely smooth finish.

I then removed both the locks and the handles. To repair the spilt and fill some holes, I mixed up some Turbo Builders Bog which is a two part polymer that cures quickly and mimics the behaviour of wood (you can carve and sand it and paint it etc). I have rebuild rotten window sills out of this stuff and while it's stinky while curing it's fantastic.  I also made a mold of the broken beading out of builders bog. I wrapped some bog in plastic wrap and pressed against the good part of the beading. Once it was dry I filled the mould with wood putty and let cure.  Here is what I ended up with.

Once it was painted and you didn't stick your face 5cm from it, it looked pretty good. Good enough for this rustic old cupboard and for Yvette anyway.

I then finished painting the cabinet and top coated it with wax. I put new locks, handles and keys on it. I was oiled the inside with Orange furniture oil.

and here it is all set up at Yvette's house. How fantastic is that sign.

Yvette sent me lovely feedback 
 "Love it! Thanks so much! It holds so much stuff - I feel like my whole life is organised now. Thanks again, Yvette x"


  1. love this! love the color on it and love the details, AND i love with that rug, even it won't be staying there! ;)

    1. Thanks Cassie – I love that rug – our friends (who the guy is an archaeologist and was doing a dig in Iran) bought it for our wedding - a real Persian rug!

  2. Stunning - the magic you weave with your paintbrush :)

    1. thanks Hannah - lots of work on this one but it paid off I think

  3. Clever Reno! I always feel broken beading etc is a deal breaker but now I may brave it. Thankyou for the step by step guide. Zo

  4. Hi Fiona, I felt very sad when I saw the graphite cupboard. 14years ago after my mother in law died I found (in the garage, looking just like yours, so unloved), a similar cupboard although it was only one door. It had the same broken beading, rusty lock and handle. The top was beautiful because someone had nailed linoleum on it. I kept it and kept it for 12 years but could never find beading to match, so finally after a failed back operation and deteriorating problems with my rheumatoid
    arthritis I decided I was never going to get around to restore or paint it, so I put it out on the nature strip. 12-18 months later I came across your blog with all your helpful hints. I wish I had never thrown it out, my only consolations that someone did pick it up. I hope they did something beautiful with it
    Best Wishes Brenda

  5. PS While lamenting my loss I forgot to congratulate you on the lovely job you did with your cupboard. How clever of you to make your own mould. I would never have thought of that.


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