Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vintage Paris Map Cabinets

I've had this project floating in my brain for about five months and found the two matching (but slightly different inside) cabinets last November but they've been in storage since. Last week I finally felt ready to tackle the vision in my head. I'm thrilled with how it all played out.

Two vintage Paris Map cabinets.
$450 each.

I'm happy to sell as a pair or separate. 
The blacker map (drawn in 1643) on left has three shelves inside. The grey map (drawn in 1776) cabinet has 2 shelves with vertical dividers also. 
Dimensions are 62cm wide by 38cm deep by 82cm high.

Below is the insides of the cabinet - I'll give them a wipe over with timber oil before I sell them.

Originally I planned on putting pretty crystal knob on but they didn't look good. The crystal detracted on the map so I got these gorgeous black and bronze knobs instead. Much better.

and the before photo below. When I bought these another antiques dealer laughed and said I'd never be able to make them pretty. I showed him a photo the other morning and he was so surprised and impressed. Never underestimate the power to paint and a little imagination I say!

On to the next project!

Fiona xx


  1. Oh my goodness they look incredible! I did something similar, but I put the maps on table tops. I used the Mod Podge Transfer method, so they didn't come out as clean as yours did. Those were the perfect pieces to add the maps to!

    1. hi Susan - I'll have to check out your tables. they sound good. I was so happy to find these matching cabinets - i thought they were the perfect candidates for this.

  2. They look fabulous Fiona - what a clever idea!! Can I ask - how did you "attach" the maps to the fronts? Cheers, Kelly

  3. Another Lilyfield success story-love dee x

  4. These are terrific! I just bought a World Atlas just in case I need maps, but my maps are pretty contemporary. I love your old ones. Please share where you got the maps and how you attached them because you did a beautiful job. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey
    P.S. I just saw your post among the many excellent ones at Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Anna-Ruth. Much appreciated
      Sorry I’m very behind on my emails…
      Cheers Fiona

    2. Hermosos trabajos, yo soy de Chile, y aca no llegan esas pinturas, pero las preparo con tiza, los colores a mi gusto cariƱos-.


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