Friday, February 14, 2014

White Painted Mirror

The little bookcase that I painted white last November and was bought by Miriam, came with a matching timber mirror. I didn't think that they needed to be sold together and it took me a while to get around to painting the mirror. I finally finished it yesterday.

I first primed the mirror and then painted with three coats of ASCP Pure White to get a lovely opaque coverage. I then scrapped the paint off the mirror with a razor blade very carefully, to not scratch the mirror (use a low angle). I then sanded it smooth with a sanding pad and waxed it with ASCP Clear Wax. 

The mirror has such a great shape and beautiful bevelled edges which I think gives any mirror a classical look.

Our house is on the dark side (in the old part of the house anyway) so we use mirrors to reflect the light around the rooms.  It makes a big difference. Also the mirrors I have slowly collected are all very pretty and I like their elegance. I think this mirror is also something special with its curved wood and angles. It's for sale 9-cm by 70cm email me if you are interested.

Do you love mirrors?

I'll be back next week with a little update on some pieces that I've been working. A bit slow going this week amongst kids stuff and my other business consulting work.

If you celebrate it, Happy Valentine's day. I hope you all feel loved by someone who makes you feel special.

Fiona xx

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